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Summer Release 2022 Webinars

It's Summer time!

Voice Analytics

The Call Recording add-on provides insights on conversations with transcripts and sentiment analysis. Now it is even more powerful, thanks to a brand new widget to monitor agents' performances and alarms to be notified via email when a specific word is spoken.

Break into the Imagicle news with our exclusive webinars.


Tue. 5 July - 11.30 CEST


Thur. 7 July - 11.30 CEST

Conversational AI 

Discover the new platform that automates conversations by integrating chat and voice channels with virtual and human agents to improve CX and EX. 100% natively integrated with your Calling Platforms without needing additional lines or telephone numbers.


The only Suite for Cisco Webex MT/DI available on Cisco GPL, now even more exclusive thanks to Digital Fax, 100% cloud-based and natively integrated with Webex Calling, and to the automatic user sync not only from Webex Control Hub but also from Azure ID and much more.

Webex Calling

Tue. 12 July - 11.30 CEST


Thur. 14 July - 11.30 CEST

Microsoft Teams

The suite that makes MS Teams perfect extends the compatibility of Call Analytics, now able to monitor external calls in both Direct Routing and Operator Connect modes. Plus, is now available the automatic user synchronization from Azure AD, and much more.